National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS)

Please Note: Starting September 15, 2014, the base reviewing fee for in-person and distance learning programs will be $150.00. All programs submitted on or after that date will be subject to the new fee.

To access the National Continuing Education Review Service, to apply for continuing education credit, review a program for approval, or administer the NCERS process, login using the appropriate User ID and Password in the upper right corner.

National Approved Program Search

Please use the search fields for currently approved programs. You may use only one search field or many search fields. If there are programs that fall within your search criteria, they will appear in the form of a table on the bottom of this page.

*Search Hints*: Teleconference and Audio and Video Conferences (WEBINARS) are classified as Distance Learning Programs. To view programs that you can participate in from your home or office (Printed Material, CD/DVD/Videotape, Web-based, Teleconference or Audio and Video Conference (WEBINAR)), you must select the program types as “Distance Learning”. You will also have the option to select the media type to narrow down your search.

Need an approval number from our old system? For a list of programs that were entered and approved prior to November 9, 2009 please click here. (Please note, this list includes two spreadsheets, one with program approval numbers and one with site approval numbers. If you are looking for a specific site location, you must view the site worksheet. You can view both sheets by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the workbook.)